Dear James Franco,

Happy Birthday!!

Here’s a compilation of all the wishes from your fans all around the globe, for your 34th birthday. This is our second year in running this project and well, we thought this time we might just want to deliver this to you, as well as put it up online.

2012 b’day project for you started up with Zena ( working in collaboration with Silvia ( and Gel (

It’s a tad bit weird typing this up, in the chance that you would read this which again is mind-boggling but here we are addressing this to you upfront. We’ve come to love you for so many of your various performances as Daniel Desario ‘the ultimate fave’, Saul Silver ofcourse, the famous Harry Osbourn and even Tristan. We’ve shared memorable moments and begun friendships just by sharing the similar likeness for you. Thank you for that and most of all for being who you are xD All in all we love you, are inspired by you in so many different ways, which is something that not many people can do. Here’s to wishing you a superb and splendid birthday filled with everything that means happiness to you. Our blog and this represent just that with all the good luck wishes for your future.

This project was no easy task and would not have been possible without the die-hard wonderful fans for all their efforts and contributions in every way to make this possible. We really hope that you like this and receive it well.

With love,


(Zena, Silvia & Gel)

*Special thanks to Fabiane, Maria Laura, Shena, Ruby and @jamesfranconews for all their continuous support and efforts into helping us.

*For any queries pls contact either Zena or Silvia

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