Dear James Franco,

After several moments of intense frustration of the wordings to display here, we just decided to go with the flow and put out the msg of this entire blog as it is.

This blog started as an idea among Zena ( in collaborated effort with lovely Lyly ( & Val ( . It is a small effort made by not only us but all your die hard fans the world over (with net access ;P) and wanted to convey some kind of wish to you on your birthday. 

Our Wish:

We all very much adore you, love you, most popularly are inspired by you in various fields of our life and thats an ability very few super humans display. So, on this day we wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There is no hoping, we definitely want you to have a great day no matter, spent in a way that makes you really feel the joy and happiness of today. This blog is our small token of appreciation, time and thought for our eternal love for you. 

  • Brief intro to this blog:
  1. About: Msg to James Franco & all that view this.
  2. Fan Map: Displays where all your msgs came from. Along with the statistics on which are the most popular movies among us. Even the side bar picture shows that.

We hope you’ll well in the least get to view this somehow and receive this well.

Questions / queries please direct to Zena or Lyly.

* Special thanks to GelMeganMartina & Nora

Here are our individual msgs below:




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